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Thank You Gifts

We have long been providing 'thank you' gifts to individuals and business clients who wish to show their thanks and appreciation to their friends and loyal customers.  Expectations are always that their recipients should find these gifts to be professionally made with quality materials, highly desired and well priced.  Needless to say, we do not offer promotional products or generic "one size fits all" products; rather, we strive to offer gifts that will make you proud to present them--because we personalize each one to let those who receive them know you had this particular gift made just for them!

Our best selling Thank You gift has always been the personalized cutting board, but we are constantly adding new products, too.  Below you will find pictures and descriptions of customer favorites.

Remember, we normally ship only to local postal zones 1&2 from 28586 and our shipping costs reflect this.  However, you may call us for shipping options outside our local zones 1&2 (252-617-2254).

We encourage home builders, mortgage loan officers, real estate agents and other business professionals who routinely present their clients with 'thank you' gifts to call about bulk orders.  With a minimum monthly order, we will stock your desired items, personalize each and ship on a monthly schedule that you decide.  No upfront deposit.


Board size is 13.5" X 11.5" - easel size is 15" tall x 9" wide.  The optional easel elevates this cutting board gift to the top of "Wow!"

Unless you direct us differently, we will use a slight bit of color and mineral oil to the engraved side to add beauty and luster.  We recommend that you display the side with your name (on the metal easel, of course!) and use the other side for cutting.

Individual board with easel is $32; without easel $25; option to have small company logo engraved on back of board adds $5.00 (call for specifics).

Please note that bamboo is a natural product and exhibits great variety in its grain, color, and finished look.

Enter the family name


We love maple cutting boards because they hold up so well even with heavy use AND they engrave beautifully!  This one measures 13 3/4" x 9 3/4".  As with the board above, we love it with an easel because it makes such a lovely display, but there is an option to purchase without it...

We do not add color to this board--just a tad of mineral oil for luster.

Price with easel is $43; without easel, board price is $36.  And yes, we will add a bow!  Enter family name!

With a little care, your cutting board should remain beautiful and functional for years. Remember you should never put your cutting board in the dishwasher or let it soak in water; simply wash with warm, soapy water, rinse, and towel dry. For protection and luster, you should occassionally wipe your board with a food-grade oil such as light mineral oil or one designed especially for cutting boards; we do not recommend kitchen oils such as olive oil or other vegetable oil as they tend to become rancid after applying to the board. Apply cutting board oil with a soft, lint-free cloth and lightly wipe.

Enter the family name


A practical cheese board with wire cutter, this baby makes a great little serving board for an instant party; just add a block of cheese and crackers and a favorite beverage...voila! 

Size is 12" x 6" x 3/4"

Enter family name in the box to the right.


Enter the family last name


We go monogram wild on this gift by monogramming the outside of the box with the family name plus each cheese tool with the single last name initial on both sides!!



Enter the family last name

TYG5  Wine and Cheese Basket with Carry Strap by PICNIC TIME

Wicker basket includes space for two bottles of wine (not included), a cutting board, cheese knife, and corkscrew.  While we do not provide the wine, we DO add two personalized wine labels for new home owners that you can apply to the wine bottles that you purchase.  Made of flexible acrylic with adhesive back, our label design includes the recipient's name and address with the words, "New Home; New Adventures; New Memories."  These labels do not wrinkle.  Guaranteed to become a keepsake!

Need wine labels with this purchase for a special occasion other than a new house?  Call us; we will be happy to design what you have in mind.


Enter last name for labels


What a special gift this bluebird nest box would be for a family with outside space for a birdhouse.  Children love it, too.

Birdhouse is made by a NC Bluebird Rescue organization, and the house is well constructed for many years of bluebird babies. These homes feature a predator door guard, hinged door, and grooves to help the chicks emerge when the time comes.

Shipped to you laser engraved as shown; type in name to be on the front of the birdhouse in the box to the right.  We will add a free, complementary bow for the bottom.

Enter last name in the box to the right.


Enter name on birdhouse

TYG7   Personalized Door Wreath with Interchangable Center and Bow

This is a gorgeous plastic boxwood wreath (not silk, but weather-resistant plastic that is very well made and very full).  We add your choice of an acrylic laser-cut name or house number, a free, complementary bow and a hanging loop on the back.  Acrylic circle color is black with white.

Enter letter and name (or house number).

COMING SOON!  New acrylic designs for holidays, special events, and name/letter cutouts in an array of different colors that are all interchangable!


Enter Letter for wreath
Enter name or house number