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Traditionally a woman's monogram is written in the following manner: the first name initial goes on the left, the middle name initial on the right and the last name initial in the center, larger than the other two. A man's monogram is traditionally written in this order: his first name initial, middle name initial, last name initial--all letters the same size.  Having said that, you may choose to throw tradition out the window and go with what you like!  Or, how about a modern style that couples like so much: her (or his) first name initial on the left; his (or her) first name initial on the right, and the larger last name initial in the middle.  Who knew??  Just be sure you enter the monogram in the exact order you want it to appear. If you do not wish to have your item monogrammed with three letters, just type in a single letter or "None".

TYG8   8 Monogrammed Beer Glasses, Monogrammed Wood Tote with Beer Opener and Bow

Check out the beer opener on the side of the box!  This is our all-time favorite gift.  It screams high-end  because the glasses and box have been laser etched. Plus, it's a great price for 8 monogrammed glasses and the monogrammed tote!  PLUS, we will add a free, complementary bow.

We do HIS monogram in an Old English font as shown in the picture here (all letters same size); HERS in the modern style shown below in TYG9) with middle letter larger--just type the monogram letters in the box to the right and select His or Hers.  Just got to have another style or font?  Call us at  252-617-2254, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes!


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TYG9  8 Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glasses, Monogrammed Wood Tote with Monogrammed Wine Bottle Opener and Bow

Same wood tote as above (no beer opener on side), but this monogrammed wood tote holds 8 monogrammed stemless wine glasses that have been laser etched for that classic and classy monogrammed look.  You and your recepient will love the wine bottle opener which is monogrammed ON BOTH SIDES in the same font as the glasses. and is nestled in a free, complementary bow and tied on the tote.

Box will be monogrammed in the same font as glasses (our design--a modern combination of a slightly fancy font and the middle (larger) letter a formal Roman font.)  If you have your heart set on a different font or style, call us. Together we will see what we can do.  252-617-2254

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We've had requests for just our cute corkscrew and it is such a fun gift to accompany a favorite bottle of wine.  Choose an acrylic monogram insert or one of our sassy wine-related sayings.  Each has been laser etched on both sides of the sturdy 6 3/4" metal opener.  We tie the opener onto a pretty bow for presentation.  You purchase and add the wine and/or glasses.  

The monogram design is the same as above, or call us at 252-617-2254 if you really want a different font style.  The other sayings are as shown in the picture.

You can request a color family for the ribbons (i.e., green with gold), but we cannot guarantee specific requests.

Choose your style to the right, and if you choose the monogram style, enter the monogram in EXACT order.



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TYG11   Bamboo BBQ Set

Includes a bamboo box for presentation and three must-have BBQ tools.  We add a monogram in a script font (as shown in the picture) on the box top as well as on each of the tools.  Anyone who enjoys grilling will love this gift!

Solid bamboo box size is 19 5/8" x 5 1/2" x 3 1/8."

Enter the monogram in the box to the right.


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TYG12  House Blessing with Clock

This has to be THE perfect gift for new home owners.  It is so elegant and inspirational; any homeowner would be delighted to receive it.  We add the homeowner's last name along with the words HOUSE BLESSING on an engraving plate at the bottom in a Roman font.  Size of this double-matted gift is 15" x 18"

A gift destined to be a family treasure...

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TYG13 Personalized, Framed New House Toast

We put the recipient's last name at the top of this wish for precious memories in a new house.  ("May the time that you spend here be precious and sweet; may the memories you make here be memories you keep.")  Includes quartz clock with batteries.  Size is 6" x 8" and is beautifully matted to show off the verse which is laser engraved on gold with black print acrylic.  So perfect for a special table top display in that new house.


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