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Personalized cutting boards make perfect gifts for so many occasions--from wedding to new home to family reunions to.....

We add color and mineral oil to the engraved side for beauty and luster, so we recommend that you display this side and use the back side for food prep.


We love this board because it's just so true--everything should be seasoned with love--and butter is even better!

(Actually, we know that butter on everything may not be the healthiest option--but this is just a "for fun" saying, so use common sense and your doctor's advice before you take this at face value!)

Add the first name of the recipient; we'll add the word, Kitchen, after the name.

$35 includes shipping; $45 includes shipping and the easel

Enter first name


This cutting board makes a bit hit at family get togethers.  Everybody's gonna want one!  Don't forget to enter the family name in the box to the right.

$35 includes shipping; $45 includes shipping and metal easel

Enter family name


This board makes a great gift for so many occasions--new home, wedding, Christmas...

Keep in mind that we add a bit of color to the engraved side, so we recommend that you use this side for display only, and use the back side for food prep.

Enter last line personalization in the box and select other options.

Engrave this on last line:


We promise that the lucky couple who receives this gift from you will be thrilled!  It's a great piece to display in their new home PLUS it's a useful gift.  Consider adding the metal stand for optimal WOW!  Check out the enlarged view at the bottom of this page.

Also, enter the first names of the recipients, their wedding date, and the last name (actually, we just need the first letter of the last name to go in the center of the graphic.  Either way, we'll get it right and you'll get the accolades.

$35 includes shipping; $45 includes shipping and easel

Enter couple's first names
Enter wedding date + Last name

Easel close up