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SHELL WE DANCE? Shell Jewelry Collection
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WOODEN IT BE NICE? Wood Jewelry Collection
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Call us at 252-617-2254 if you have questions or concerns; our mailing address is 533 College St., Vanceboro, NC 28586; and you can email us at

  Welcome to Etched in Time Designs

 Monogrammed jewelry is timeless--and beautiful--and so very personal!  It is always an appropriate gift that you can be sure will be appreciated and loved.  Treat a special person to a piece of monogrammed jewelry, and trust us to make it timeless, beautiful, and so very personal.  Better yet, treat a special person AND yourself to a piece from our collection! 

Each piece of monogrammed jewelery is carefully crafted, packaged and shipped directly to you for just $10 each with no additional shipping charges!